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What can you do to prevent custodial interference?

Custody interference is a problem among some families. It is when one parent takes steps to try to limit the other from seeing or talking to his or her children. This isn't always a physical act; parents might use emotional or psychological techniques to make the children refuse to see the other parent or to act out against him or her.

Whether a parent takes your children away without permission or is purposefully saying negative things about you to alienate the child, you can fight it in court. Both you and the other parent are bound by your custody agreement, so any violation can be just cause to take your ex to court.

For example, if you have shared custody of your son and start to notice that he is being obstinate and saying bad things about you, you might want to sit down and talk to him about where he's getting these ideas. If you find out that his mom or dad is saying that he should feel a certain way about you that isn't appropriate, then you can talk to your attorney about changing your custody situation and trying to get your child out of a negative atmosphere.

Another thing some parents worry about is one parent fleeing with a child. If you are concerned about that, it's smart to talk to a judge about limiting where the other parent can travel with your child. You'll need to show some proof of why you feel the way you do to the judge, either through written documentation or other methods.

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