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New legislation to address Georgia's adoption system

For those looking to adopt, it may be good news that the state representative is beginning to look into changing Georgia's adoption practices. Adoptions can take many months or years, and there are some practices that are out of date. By updating them, it makes the process move more quickly, helping children and families come together faster.

Adoption laws in Georgia have not been updated in over 30 years. Without revisions or updates with the changing times, this has caused the state to fall behind others. Since Georgia is so far behind, it has a more complicated adoption process that is harder to go through.

Since that is the case, families may choose to adopt through other methods, which hurts the children in Georgia's adoption system. The update to the law is needed to help smooth the adoption process, to make it easier and to make it more effective.

The new bill should have changes that make adoption easier for all people, including same-sex couples. Previously, a proposed piece of legislation was rejected because critics believed it was discriminatory against same-sex individuals. With that bill, it's claimed that the individuals may not have been able to adopt through a number of placement agencies simply due to their homosexuality.

If the new bill passes, you may find it's easier to adopt in your state. Your attorney can tell you more about the changes as they occur, so you can stay apprised of the law and be prepared for what it means for the future of your family.

Source: Marietta Daily Journal, "State Rep. Bert Reeves to tackle adoption bill next session," Shaddi Abusaid, June 08, 2017

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