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Ending your domestic partnership is like a divorce

A domestic partnership is one where a couple, either same-sex or heterosexual, decide not to get married but still to have some legal connection to one another. Domestic partnerships provide most of the same protections as marriages, and as such, separating a domestic partnership works much like a divorce.

Depending on the court, there are a few ways that your assets may be divided during the dissolution of your domestic partnership. The court may decide to distribute the property equitably, evenly or to allocate it as if you were roommates or tenants of a property. The way the property is divided is largely decided by the state's divorce preferences. For example, if you decide to get a dissolution in Georgia, it's likely to result in an equitable distribution of your assets.

After a domestic partnership comes to an end, it is possible to receive maintenance from your partner. This is similar to alimony. It's not automatic, and your attorney will need to work with you to show the court why you deserve it. There are several things the court will consider, including the financial situation of you and your partner, the length of time it would take you to become financially stable and the length of your domestic partnership.

It is never easy when any partnership or marriage comes to an end. With the help of your experienced attorney, you can work to make this dissolution as easy on both parties as possible. Like a divorce, there are many things to discuss before the dissolution can be finalized in court.

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