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Alimony in Georgia: Both temporary and permanent rules apply

Georgia, like other states, has alimony laws that can help those who need additional support financially following a divorce. Although most states do have alimony laws, no two states have laws that are exactly the same. In Georgia, both permanent and temporary alimony are recognized, which could be different from other states.

There are a number of factors that are considered when the judge determines if a person should be awarded alimony of any kind. First, he or she must look at the standard of living that was established during the marriage. If the couple is living a rich life, leaving one spouse without a job or support would likely be extremely unfair. However, in cases where both parties have similar incomes, alimony might not be necessary at all.

Another thing the judge may look at is the age of each person in the marriage. If a stay-at-home mother is 65, it would be unlikely that she could be expected to get a job or work enough to obtain retirement. Instead, the court may award her permanent alimony due to age. She may also receive temporary alimony depending on other factors.

An interesting fact about alimony in Georgia is that the person receiving it is entitled to continue receiving it as a portion of the other party's estate if the party who was liable for alimony payments passes away. This helps secure the financial state of the lesser-earning spouse even if the unexpected takes place.

If you believe you deserve alimony, your attorney can help you understand what to expect. He or she may need more information about your assets and marriage to give you a good idea of what could happen in court.

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