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Georgia bill aims to change adoption laws

Adoption laws in Georgia have been the same for around 27 years, but a new bill may change that. A 100-page bill was introduced, according to a Mar. 4 report, that would modernize adoptions within the state and when involving other states or international agencies.

None of the changes seem like a massive change, but what they do take into account is the length of time it takes to adopt. The bill aims to streamline the process. House bill 159 is primarily made up of minor changes on the whole, though.

Understandably, the adoption process can be long and difficult. The state and adoption agencies want to see children go to good homes and healthy families. However, the red tape and length of time it takes to adopt puts off some potential families and results in children staying in the system longer than they need to. With these changes, it's hoped that more children will be adopted out and find the families they've been looking for.

One important change that you may be interested in is the alternation that allows mothers to choose to put their children up for adoption and waive the 10-day waiting period during which they can change their minds. This 10-day period is difficult on those adopting, because the child could be taken away at any point. Opting out of the waiting period could reduce those fears for a new family, giving them time to bond with the child from the moment of placement.

Your attorney can help you learn more about this bill and any other laws that change regarding adoption. Changes like this could make it easier to add to your family.

Source: The Marietta Daily Journal, "Bill revises Georgia adoption law," Ross Williams, March 04, 2017

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