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This is the difference between contested and uncontested divorce

You've decided to separate from your spouse, and now you have to figure out if your case will be contested or uncontested. What's the real difference, and how can it affect you?

Contested divorces are contested by one person in the relationship. That person disputes the terms of the divorce, and anyone can choose to contest a divorce for any reason. It could be something like wanting certain assets or fighting over who will have custody of your children, or it could be as simple as disagreeing with getting a divorce at all. Contested divorces take longer than uncontested divorces, and you may need to spend time in mediation or arbitration sessions to work through the issues with your spouse. In particularly volatile situations, you may actually struggle to communicate with your spouse or to serve him or her papers at all.

An uncontested divorce is different because there are no disagreements about the divorce. Everything has been worked out from alimony to child custody arrangements. This kind of divorce takes much less time, requires fewer court sessions and costs less. If you and your spouse can come to an agreement over your separation, assets and responsibilities, then this is probably the kind of divorce you'll want to go through together.

Your attorney can help you decide which kind of divorce you're dealing with if you're unsure. He or she may help you negotiate or set up court dates for you. While an uncontested divorce is certainly the better option, even a contested divorce can be finalized in a reasonable amount of time with some help.

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