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December 2016 Archives

Is a surrogate able to exert maternity and parental rights?

Is a surrogate a mother? Biologically, she may not be, if the egg and sperm are both donated, but she still does carry and deliver the child. The surrogacy industry is an unusual one, and because of its hazards and complications, it's been banned in several other developed countries such as Canada and most of Europe. Only eight states in the United States authorize it, while four, Washington, New Jersey, New York and Michigan, all ban it. The capitol bans it as well.

How can you make your holiday visitation schedule easier?

It's the holiday season, a time for cheer and potential divorce disasters. If you share a child with your ex, you know that your little one might get caught in the middle when you're trying to determine your visitation schedule. There are some ways to handle the holiday, though, so that you can focus on seeing friends and family without divorce drama.

Cohabitation and alimony: What you need to know in Georgia

When you get a divorce and have to pay alimony, you may be most concerned about when those payments can end. In most situations, when a woman or man remarries, the alimony that was being paid to that person ends. What about situations where a person moves on but does not get remarried, though? Those are tricky cases and ones in which your attorney may need substantial evidence to have you released from alimony obligations. You'll need to show that your ex is now financially stable and sharing responsibilities with someone else, not just relying on what you've been providing.

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