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October: Domestic violence awareness and your family

October was Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In family law, this can be a serious complication for child custody claims and divorces on the whole. This issue affects around one out of four men and one in three women at some point in their lives.

Domestic violence hotlines take around 20,000 phone calls a day, showing that domestic violence is perhaps more common than you might think. It's important for families that are in danger to seek out help, whether it's from an attorney who can seek out a protection plan or from a domestic violence hotline that can help get the person who is in danger to a safe house.

What can you do if domestic violence is a part of your marriage? Start by making a safety plan. If you're in immediate danger, call 911. If not, identify where you can go to leave your relationship and stay safe. Address your needs as well as the needs of children who may be in this situation.

Remember to pack important things like money, financial documents, evidence of the domestic abuse if you have it, clothing, copies of your house keys or car keys and items such as passports or credit cards. You should always collect the documents and evidence you need before you try to get a protective order unless you are in immediate danger. Once you file the order, those items could suddenly disappear.

Once you have a plan, speak with your attorney about getting a domestic violence protection order. Once you're in a position where you are safe to do so, also start your divorce filings. You do not have to deliver the divorce documents; there may be other ways to get out of your marriage or to deliver documents without having to come into contact with a partner.

Source: The Charlotte Observer, "Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Making an escape plan," Oct. 25, 2016

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