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You have rights as a parent with legal custody

The Full Faith and Credit Law requires every state to enforce custody or visitation determinations made in another state. For example, if you are living in Florida and have an agreement that your children can go to the other parent's house for a week each month, then the Georgian courts should uphold that determination.

The home state, when it comes to enforcing the rules, is the state where the child lives at least six consecutive months of the year. If the child isn't yet 6 months old, then it's the state where the child lives most often with either parent.

How do you qualify for the Full Faith and Credit Law?

For the child custody arrangement to be upheld in another state, the determination has to have been made by a court in the child's home state. If no state appears to have jurisdiction in a case, then the state with the most family ties or the most significant connection to the family will likely become the home state for any further case changes.

Can a court in another state change my child custody arrangements?

Not typically. However, If the court finds that the other state no longer has jurisdiction or the other court declines jurisdiction, then the new court in the new state could modify the custody arrangements.

If you ever have concerns or questions about child custody, it's a good idea to speak to your advocate or a family law attorney. With the right foresight and support, you can make sure that your custody arrangement considers all the factors that could happen now or in the future. Our website has more information.

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