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October 2016 Archives

The factors involved in determining child custody rights

When considering who's going to get custody of a child, the courts look at several factors. The most common things to look at include the child's age, medical history and physical and mental health. A parent's location and habits will also be considered. For example, if the parent works 12 hour days, it may not be to the child's benefit to live with that parent. The parent would not be home often, which would mean the child would be left home alone. A parent with a normal job working six to eight hours a day is in a better position to provide a child with the needed physical and emotional support.

You have rights as a parent with legal custody

The Full Faith and Credit Law requires every state to enforce custody or visitation determinations made in another state. For example, if you are living in Florida and have an agreement that your children can go to the other parent's house for a week each month, then the Georgian courts should uphold that determination.

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