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How do you file for divorce in Georgia?

To get married, you must meet certain criteria. You need to be of legal age or have permission from a parent, be unmarried and understand what getting married means. Just like with marriage, divorces also have special requirements. Georgia is a "no fault" state, but you can opt to choose grounds such as adultery or desertion to base your divorce petition on.

What do you have to do to file for a divorce in Georgia?

To file for a divorce in Georgia, at least one person, either you or your spouse, must have been a Georgian resident for at least six months before the petition. Once you file a divorce request with the court, you must wait 30 days before the court can grant a divorce decree. This is done to help couples who may want to reconcile. The delay gives them time to calm down and talk things over before continuing. It also gives you time to work with your attorney on any last-minute details before the hearing.

What happens if you choose to file an at-fault divorce?

If you file for divorce based on grounds of adultery or other faults, you'll need to present your case to the court including facts justifying your divorce. Your attorney can help you build up a portfolio of evidence to take to court to shore up your case. On the flipside, if you decide to file based on an irretrievable breakdown, you don't need to prove anything to the court. You just need to show that there is incompatibility and that the marriage cannot be saved.

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