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Who has a right to visitation in Georgia?

If you're the family member of a child who you no longer get to see or don't get to see as often as you'd like, you may be wondering if you can request visitation.

Can you seek visitation rights if you aren't a parent of a child?

In April 2016, a bill for visitation rights that extends to family members was approved in Georgia and signed into law. The law allows family members to seek visitation and intervention rights through the courts, whereas in the past, a divorce may have made it difficult or impossible for family members to see a child. The bill makes it possible for grandparents, uncles, aunts and other relatives to seek out rights in court through a standardized process. They do need to prove their relationship with the child is sincere and in the child's best interests.

Sometimes, when two people are divorced, one half of the family may be blocked from seeing the children or simply not get the time with them that they would like. The bill specifically works to help grandparents, aunts, uncles and great-grandparents get the visitation and intervention rights they want.

Thanks to the bill, the courts can now grant family members reasonable visitation rights with children where the children's welfare would suffer without that visitation. There are a few examples of this. For instance, if the child previously lived with the relative for six months or more or was given financial support by a family member for over a year, then these would be good reasons to grant visitation. Of course, to help protect the child, the parent or guardian can also petition the court to revoke or amend visitation rights as necessary.

Source: Henry Herald, "Bill for visitation rights signed into Georgia law," Asia Ashley, accessed Aug. 23, 2016

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