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The 7 steps of adoption in Georgia

Each state has its own adoption laws, and Georgia is no different. In Georgia, you can adopt any child who is 10 years younger than you or any adult who gives consent. You do not have to have home residency before you complete the adoption process, which makes it easier for some people to adopt.

There are seven main steps to the adoption process. The first is called the inquiry. This is when you reach out of the Georgia Division of Family Services to start the adoption process and schedule an appointment with the case manager.

Next, you'll go through an orientation, which is when you learn about the requirements to adopt. You will get to see photos of children who are available for adoption during the orientation. The IMPACT program is the next step you'll take following orientation; it prepares you for adoption and gives you 20 hours of training in a classroom. You're going to be a new parent, so this preparation program aims to help.

Next, your family needs to be evaluated. If you are eligible to adopt, then you may be able to identify a child for adoption early and opt for pre-placement. The child will be placed in your home during the placement step. You will have preliminary visits before that takes place, and you'll be able to ask any questions you have.

Finally, you will go through finalization. This is when your adoption is finalized. Your adoption attorney will need to be there, and your case's judge will finalize the adoption in most cases.

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