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Woman faces 6 felonies, 1 misdemeanor for taking children

When you have custody arrangements with the other parent of your children, you need to abide by those arrangements. Failing to do so can put you into a position like this woman faces; previously, she had not been charged, but now she faces six felony charges and a misdemeanor for her actions. If you face these kinds of charges for failing to return your children for visitation, you need to develop a defense for your case as soon as possible.

The woman from Lake Geneva took her children out of the state and interfered with child custody; she's now facing three felony counts of interfering with child custody, one count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct and three felony counts for aiding the children in being truant from school.

What caused the woman to flee with her children isn't clear, but she took her three sons, ages 10, 12 and 14, out of state. According to the story, she and the children's father had an argument on May 6, and she requested that he not come for visitation because of that. On the 9th, they allegedly had an argument about the children's mother's behavior. Then, on May 17, when their father had not heard from them for over a week, he contacted police. They had missed several visitation dates.

He claims that on the 9th, the mother told him that he'd never see his children again. She then rented a van in Illinois, taking the boys out of state to Texas. On May 10, she called the children's school to call them off for the next three days. She didn't give a reason.

She was discovered with the boys in good condition in Georgia days later. Someone from Lake Geneva happened to be at the same hotel, and that witness alerted police. Family members have claimed that the medications the woman takes could be responsible for her odd behavior.

Source: Gazette Xtra, "Felony charges filed against Lake Geneva mom accused of taking children to Georgia," Andrea Anderson, June 22, 2016

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