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June 2016 Archives

Woman faces 6 felonies, 1 misdemeanor for taking children

When you have custody arrangements with the other parent of your children, you need to abide by those arrangements. Failing to do so can put you into a position like this woman faces; previously, she had not been charged, but now she faces six felony charges and a misdemeanor for her actions. If you face these kinds of charges for failing to return your children for visitation, you need to develop a defense for your case as soon as possible.

Enforcing child support: The methods of enforcement in Georgia

Living in Georgia with your child, you know that you should be receiving child support in accordance to state law. If you are owed child support and aren't receiving payments, then you can seek out payment enforcement from the local Division of Child Support Services. The DCSS can help put pressure on the other parent to begin making payments.

Who can adopt a child in Georgia?

There are some general requirements for those who want to adopt. First, any single person or married couple is typically eligible to adopt as long as the age restrictions and residency requirements are met. For instance, in Kentucky or New Jersey, you need to be 18 to adopt. In Colorado, you have to be 21. In other states, like Georgia, you have to be 25.

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