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Bill passes in Georgia that could limit same-sex rights

As a same-sex couple or family with same-sex couples in your family, it's important to you that your loved ones are treated fairly. In the eyes of the Supreme Court, same-sex marriage is legal. However, some states are trying to get around this ruling with laws of their own.

Families in Georgia may have heard that a bill was passed that allows faith-based groups and other organizations to discriminate against others based on their sexuality. That could, in its own way, make it hard for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community and others to access the marriage ceremonies and the kinds of services they want to use. It could also make it possible discriminate against them when it comes to employment opportunities.

According to the Human Rights Campaign president, requests for studio and production companies to defeat the bill have not gone unanswered. In fact, the Walt Disney Company and Marvel have both stated that they are inclusive companies. They say that while they enjoy filming in Georgia, their business can be taken elsewhere if this legislation is allowed to be signed into state law.

At the moment, the two-term Republican governor has the option to sign or veto the bill. If he decides that he will put the bill through as law, these and other companies may leave the area, hurting the economy. Worse yet, if the law goes through, there could be lawsuits or other problems that arise from the conflict of the laws with other federal laws that currently protect same-sex couples and LGBT individuals.

Source: The Mary Sue, "Disney Will Boycott Georgia If Governor Signs Discriminatory Bill," Charline Jao, March 23, 2016

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