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January 2016 Archives

Same-sex families fight for their right to fair treatment

Even though same-sex marriage is legal in all of the United States, there are still some states that allow for discrimination thanks to a failure to address discrimination laws specific to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Discrimination can affect families; it can cause trouble for children, may make it hard for a same-sex couple to adopt and could even cause trouble at schools or workplaces.

Complex divorces and your options as a couple

There's no doubt that some divorces can become complex very quickly. While many divorcing couples head to their attorneys with concerns related to custody issues, child support, alimony and property division, some others may face even more complicated decisions. High-end divorce cases usually have disputes over items of higher value. For instance, trusts, bank accounts, inheritances, investments and other financial assets may be part of the marriage and need to be fairly divided.

Visitation and your rights as a grandparent

If you're worried about your rights as a grandparent in Georgia, it's important to learn the facts before you make any decisions or claims. For instance, in Georgia, did you know that if your son or daughter gives a grandchild up for adoption, your right to see that child may be lost forever? There are instances when you may be able to see your grandchild, but only if a natural relative or stepparent receives custody.

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