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Is a domestic partnership as good as marriage?

A domestic partnership is an alternative to marriage that you may be considering, but before you do it's important to understand its initial purpose. Domestic partnerships can apply to people who live together but who are unmarried, or it can be for people who choose to share a domestic life. While the paperwork and protections are similar to marriage, the law doesn't protect a domestic partnership in the same ways as marriage and was a way for same-sex couples to validate their relationships.

You'll still need to declare your partnership to have a domestic partnership. You can speak with an attorney about your state's laws, but generally, you'll go to your local courthouse to do this. There is normally a fee and application that must be supplied.

Once you decide to obtain a domestic partnership, you'll want to understand the benefits you now have. You don't get the same legal benefits as marriage, but you do have several. For example, you have the right to be covered on a family health plan. You receive visitation rights for your spouse if he or she is in jail or in the hospital. You can obtain bereavement leave, and you can have the right to family leave if your partner falls ill.

While domestic partnerships were the norm in the past, especially for same-sex couples, the change in United States law has now made them more-or-less unnecessary. Because same-sex couples can now marry legally, some employers have started to reduce the benefits that are granted to domestic partners. There is normally a grace period that applied in those cases, so you can file your complaints or objections through your attorney before your workplace changes its rules.

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