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October 2015 Archives

The grounds for divorce in Georgia

There may come a time when your marriage is no longer working in your best interest. Perhaps you're in a long-term relationship or have only been married for a short time. What matters at this point is that you've decided to get a divorce, and your attorney can help you understand how to maneuver through the legal battle that is about to take place.

Is a domestic partnership as good as marriage?

A domestic partnership is an alternative to marriage that you may be considering, but before you do it's important to understand its initial purpose. Domestic partnerships can apply to people who live together but who are unmarried, or it can be for people who choose to share a domestic life. While the paperwork and protections are similar to marriage, the law doesn't protect a domestic partnership in the same ways as marriage and was a way for same-sex couples to validate their relationships.

Retirement assets can be split in divorce

When you get a divorce, all of your marital assets will be reviewed for division. You probably already expect to have to split assets like your current bank accounts, material possessions like furniture or artwork, or homes you share, but thinking into the future is important, too. You may have to split retirement income, which can make your future very different than you expected.

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