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Can my child support payments be modified?

Child support modification may be on your mind if you've recently switched jobs and need to lower your payments or if you've found out your ex has begun to earn more and should be paying more to your children. There are a few questions you may have that need to be answered. For instance, if you think your child support order is unfair, can you have it changed? What do you do if you want to change it? Can you temporarily change child support in an emergency?

The answer to these questions is yes, you just need to place your request with the court. If you think your child support order is unfair, then you may submit your reasoning to a judge. The judge must review the support and determine if it is unfair or not. If he or she does, then your order can be altered.

If you want to change your child support order, you need to ask for a modification form. You may have decided with the help of the other parent to change the amount of child support; remember, even if you do this, you still need to go before a judge to make it a legal change. If you and your ex can't agree on the child support payments that would work best between you, then a judge will also be able to decide that for you.

In an emergency, you can have modifications made to child support. For instance, if your child has a medical emergency and you need more money to pay down debts being accrued due to hospital stays or other needs, then it's possible to have a temporary or even permanent change to your child support order.

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