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You can fight for visitation with your grandchildren in Georgia

If your son or daughter gets a divorce, the future you'll have with your grandchild can suddenly be placed into disarray. You may not know who will obtain custody, and if you don't get along with the other parent, this could put your right to see your grandchild at risk.

Since the 1990s, it's been difficult for grandparents to win custody rights or visitation rights with their grandchildren in Georgia. It used to be that grandparents would have to show that their grandchildren were suffering, either through abuse or psychological pain, which could be hard to do. It also put grandparents in a difficult position, since it could be their own children causing harm to their grandchildren.

Fortunately, laws have now changed in Georgia, and that means that you have a better chance of obtaining custody or visitation time with a grandchild. Yes, visitation rights are still limited, but the chance of success in gaining them is much higher.

For the best chance of getting visitation, you'll still need to prove that the child is in danger of being harmed. If you've supported the child for a year or longer or if your grandchild has lived with you in the past for an extended period of time, you're in a position where courts may look on your relationship favorably. If you can prove there is emotional or physical harm taking place or that it could take place if you're not allowed to have visitation or custody, then that can also work in your favor. If the child's father or mother is in prison or has passed away, you may be in a position to take custody.

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