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Man claims court miscalculated his earnings for child support

If you have to pay child support, you want to make sure it's the right amount. There's no real reason that you should have to pay more than what you can support, because it could hinder your ability to pay. In one case out of Georgia, a May 28 report discussed how a man has gone back to court to appeal a ruling on his child support payments. He believes the payments have been based on an inaccurate calculation of the amount of money he makes each month, making him pay too much.

Right now, the man is ordered to pay his ex-wife $1,004 per month in child support for their two children. This amount was decided after the court found that her monthly income was $2,175 compared to the man's income of $5,299.39.

The income for the man consisted of $2,166.67 from working on his father's farm along with additional amounts that add up thanks to benefits he received. Fringe benefits are included in income in Georgia if it can be proven that the benefits significantly reduce a person's cost of living. So, in this case, the man allegedly received $1, 177 per month for the use of his vehicle, $400 per month for gas, $350 for his utility bills, $1,000 worth of housing per month, and several other payments. The man is arguing that the amount he'll have to pay is unreasonable and that the so-called benefits were not benefits at all.

In fact, because the "benefits" were gifts from his family, he's argued that he's receiving assistance from his parents as a son, not as an employee.

Source: WALB, "Early Co. child support case goes to Supreme Court," May 28, 2015

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