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How long does a divorce take in Georgia?

Divorces are never pleasant, but there are some ways to make it easier. If you have your prenuptial agreement at hand or are ready to divorce in an amicable manner, that can be beneficial and help you divorce more quickly.

With any divorce, you may not enjoy the fact that it can take some time to complete. It's normal for an uncontested divorce to move more quickly; it can be over in as soon as 31 days, but if there is a disagreement about anything in the divorce, the length can be substantially increased. It isn't unusual for a divorce to take many months or even years to complete.

While you're waiting to go to court, you can request a temporary hearing. A temporary hearing allows you the time to resolve issues surrounding child support, parenting time, child custody, alimony, the division of your assets and the resolution of debts. These items are decided on only a temporary basis at the hearing, but the order can be finalized at a final trial. If you can use this time wisely and make your decisions, your divorce could be over quickly.

At your final trial, all aspects of the divorce are finalized. Your parenting time, child custody, the division of your property and other important factors are all decided. If you and your spouse couldn't decide on these issues, the judge will make a final decision in your place. You are able to call witnesses during the trial if necessary and you are allowed to provide a testimony. After the trial is over, a judge gives a final decision that is written into a court order.

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