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May 2015 Archives

It is a contract, get it in writing

With a divorce, emotions often run high, and rationality often is in short supply. A person with whom you promised to love and cherish always, you now no longer wish to spend any time with, and to make matters worse, you have to cooperate with them throughout the process and if you have children, for years to come.

The graying of divorce as more seniors divorce

Divorce often involves families during their early years. They may have young children and the concerns of child custody and child support may weigh heavily on the proceedings. Older couples found marriage less socially acceptable, and often remained in marriages to save face.

Joint custody shows lower stress for children

Divorce places a strain on children. Of course, divorce places a strain and creates stress for everyone involved. The dismantling of a single household, even if it is deeply dysfunctional, is disturbing. Patterns of life are forced to change, from how much money is available to pay bills and cover other expenses to moving out of the family home and selling it because neither party can afford the expense as a single-parent.

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