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During a divorce, you may really need your dog or cat

A divorce can cause a great deal of dislocation within your life. You have to split up your assets and your debts. You need to determine if you will keep the family home and if you can afford it. You need to come to an agreement for child custody, and then work out the complex details of a joint custody arrangement.

And you have to do all of this while you emotional life is coming apart. This can all be challenging, but at least you can count on your faithful companion, your dog or cat, to provide comfort. Or can you?

Because in a divorce, you family pet, dog, cat, horse or whatever it happens to be, is property and needs to become part of your property division. You may not think of your dog in the same manner as you do of a chair or a car, but in the eyes of the law, they are no different.

Courts generally do not want to be dealing with custody disputes concerning dogs or cats, so it best if you and your spouse work out the arrangements that best serve you and your animals.

Because animals are unconcerned with court procedure, they generally know where they belong, and your arrangements should fit with their behavior, minimizing the dislocation and disorientation they may experience if you move them between homes too often.

While some may dismiss the concept of "pet custody," Americans are deeply attached to their animals and given the other emotional tumult you may be experiencing; keeping your dog or cat can be a truly comforting aspect of the process.

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