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You can choose to divorce without acrimony

Divorce cases often appear to all be cut from the same cloth. High-conflict, with nasty, acrimonious exchanges between the former spouses. The former couple fights about every element of their divorce, including child support, child custody, spousal support and the division of their marital property.

This really is unnecessary. And occasionally, there is a report like where the couple separates with a minimum of disharmony. For some couples, divorce mediation can work. It takes the divorce outside of court, and a mediator helps the parties create their own agreement. 

Now some may be uncomfortable, without more legal guidance, and the parties can have their own attorneys, who will provide the necessary legal information and help advise their clients on the choice they make.

In some cases, like where the couple jointly owns a business, it may be necessary to keep all interactions as amicable as possible, as both of their livelihoods depend on their ability to maintain a working relationship.

This ability may serve them well when it comes to dealing with raising their children and working through issues with their child custody or parenting plan arrangements. Recognizing that their goal is less about them and more about their children can eliminate many types of conflict that could otherwise develop.

When you work in a business, you may not always agree or even greatly like some of your coworkers, but you recognize the contribution they make towards making your company successful.

Taking that mindset and applying it to your child custody agreement can help you and your former spouse work together to the goal of helping your children thrive, while reducing the opportunity for conflicts that only diminish the chances of reaching that goal., "Pop Shop owners keep the peace, business after divorce," Regina Schaffer, February 2, 2015

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