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What is the goal of your divorce?

When your marriage is beginning to come apart, it may be difficult to think of goals. Instead, your emotions may drive your actions. You want out. You don't know where or how, but you just want to end it.

From an objection perspective, that may not be the best way to obtain a satisfying divorce. Divorce is full of many legal procedures that will seem confusing or disorienting, especially given your emotional state. Your divorce attorney is familiar with the divorce laws in Georgia, and can assist you passage. 

But having articulated goals is a good way of making sure your divorce takes you where you want to go. Because a divorce is not just about ending a marriage, but it is the beginning of your future.

If you have children, meaningful goals that will allow them to develop and thrive after the divorce are essential. You know you will have to work with their other parent, so your parenting plan should be created in light of how to best manage that relationship.

At first, your emotional pain or discomfort may seem overwhelming. That is why a viable parenting plan that lays out all of the new rules you and your former spouse will need to abide by is important.

It will help you get beyond the initial unease you may experience with child custody, visitation, child support and the process by which you will co-parent your child or children.

The process is not simple or easy, but with the help of your attorney to identify and plan for the goals you want to achieve, it is possible.

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