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The challenge of the holidays for the newly divorced

The holidays are upon us and if you have divorced in Georgia this year or are in the process of divorcing, the holiday season may prove a challenge. The Currier and Ives drawings of the happy family gathered around the fire or Christmas tree may ring a little hollow.

But it is important to remember that while a divorce will make your holidays different, you can work to may the season joyous again. One good method for reducing the stress that the holidays may otherwise induce is to work with your family law attorney to create a child custody arrangement that is carefully thought out and will be workable during the entire year.

Knowing in advance exactly which days you will have your child or children, knowing how the handoffs will take place, setting expectations with your children's other parent as to the amount and types of gifts and any other details that will be important to the smooth operation of your new family situation can bring clarity and certainty in the midst of all that is new.

Ideally, this should be done in advance, not in the heat of the moment, as you are trying to obtain permission to fly to your parent's home across the country with your children a week before your departure date. A clear parenting plan sets everyone's expectations, giving you time to explain to young children why mommy or daddy won't be around.

Your family law attorney can help you work through your parenting plan, which will spell out the details of your custody and visitation schedules for the entire year, including birthdays, vacations, holidays, summer camps and any other specific times.

This certainty with your schedule also will allow you to plan your time if you don't have the children, which permits you to help to develop the new traditions that can also help to minimize the emotional stress you may experience during the holidays.

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