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Divorce may be for the better

For many, the idealized world of a happy mom and dad with their children, is the norm. The reality, however, is often far different. The couple may have fallen in love when they were young, had a child or two, and then found things had changed. Maybe the realized they were too immature when they wed, or maybe there are other problems, like substance abuse, or unfaithfulness.

Whatever the reason, now the marriage is troubled. They do not get along, and there is constant tension and discomfort in the presence of each other. But they have the children to worry about. They stay away from the topic of divorce, believing it will "harm" their children.

Guess what? Your children, even if they are very young, probably already know that something is wrong with their parent's marriage. Because your children are always watching, always listening, even when they appear totally distracted by the television, an iPad or their phone.

They sense the tension and they notice the verbal disputes that their parents engage in, even if it is in "code" or if it has little to do with the ostensible topic of their discussion.

Much of the harm that is attributed to divorce has nothing to do with the proceedings that go on in a Georgia Family Court, and everything to do with the tone of voice the couple uses to ask questions of one another.

If parents can no longer function together to create a stress free, loving environment for their children, a divorce and distance may allow them to function better apart. In these situations, the children will suffer far less harm that being trapped in a dysfunctional household full of dissention and emotional stress.

The Huffington Post, "Top 5 Reasons Why Divorce Is An Option," Jill P. Weber, December 22, 2014

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