Truck Accidents

Few things are as unnerving as seeing a truck bearing down on you in the rearview mirror. We know our cars are no match for a loaded truck in any kind of collision. We know that truck accidents are notorious for the devastation they cause.

Truck crashes occur for a variety of reasons: improper loading, poor maintenance, driver fatigue. If you are injured in a truck crash, or lose a loved one, you wonder why these behemoth trucks, loaded to the gills, racing to meet deadlines, are allowed on the same roads as ordinary people.

At The Law Offices of Eric J. Tatum, LLC, serving Buford and nearby towns and cities, we handle truck accident cases of every kind, including those involving:

  • Log trucks
  • Tankers
  • Flatbeds
  • 18-wheelers/big rigs
  • Construction vehicles
  • Farm vehicles
  • Delivery trucks and other commercial vehicles

Experienced tort lawyer Eric J. Tatum also handles wrongful death claims when a family member is killed in a tractor-trailer or another kind of truck accident, leaving dependents to fend for themselves.

We Go To Work For You Immediately

When we take a case, we ask specific investigative questions to learn whether the cargo was properly loaded; if the driver was violating any laws; what the condition of the truck was, especially its safety systems; whether the tires were properly inflated; how long the driver had been on the road without a rest; and whether there was alcohol in the driver's system.

Truck accident cases in our part of Georgia involve considerable detective work. We locate driver logs and black boxes, when available. We check the driver's history. We examine the scene of the accident itself. We leave no stone unturned in seeking compensation for your loss.

To discuss your case, schedule a no-charge, no-obligation conversation with personal injury attorney Eric J. Tatum. Call The Law Offices of Eric J. Tatum, LLC, at 770-648-2789, or toll free at 800-494-1577.

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