Car Accidents

More people are seriously injured in car accidents than any other incident — about 55,000 yearly in the combined Atlanta-Athens area.

Auto accidents occur in every situation: rear-end collisions, head-ons, side-impact collisions, rollovers and single-car accidents. And the injuries sustained are often life-changing: broken bones, paralysis, brain injuries, facial injuries, severe abrasions and lacerations.

At the Buford  Law Offices of Eric J. Tatum, LLC, we represent individuals who have been seriously injured on Georgia streets and highways. We seek maximum compensation in these and other situations:

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists
  • Accidents in which passengers are injured
  • Accidents involving children
  • Injury by drunk or reckless drivers
  • Fatal car accidents
  • Insurance company bad faith
  • Accidents in which defective roadways or products play a role

Personal Injury Offices In Buford

When you or a loved one is in a serious accident, it is comforting to have an attorney you can turn to who is experienced in every kind of accident, skilled in collecting and presenting evidence, and aggressive on your behalf. Personal injury lawyer Eric J. Tatum knows how important compensation is to pay medical bills, to pay for time lost from work, and the pain and suffering that accompany serious injury.

Our firm handles car accident cases on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not accept payment until we produce for you. Call Eric at 770-648-2789, or toll free at 800-494-1577.

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