Uncontested Divorce

Are you looking for a Gwinnett County attorney to handle your uncontested divorce? Perhaps you have worked out all issues and only need a lawyer to draw up the papers. Or maybe you're close to agreement, but need help to iron out the last wrinkles so you can go your separate ways.

Legally speaking, consulting a lawyer is a wise investment for finalizing your uncontested divorce. Gwinnett Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Eric Tatum believes that divorcing parties are best served when they never set foot in a courtroom — during divorce or later down the road when a do-it-yourself settlement comes back to bite. Courts generally scrutinize "pro se" divorce petitions for clarity and fairness. Our guidance is helpful in avoiding mistakes in the petition and the accompanying documents that may hinder the process.

Attorney Eric Tatum provides a free consultation and affordable terms to negotiate and draft your out-of-court divorce settlement. Call 770-881-5349 or contact us online. Our Buford law firm serves clients throughout the North Metro region of Atlanta, Georgia.

Uncontested Divorce in Gwinnett County
Once the court is satisfied that all issues - asset division, child custody and parenting schedules, alimony and child support - are agreed upon, most clients can be legally divorced in four to six weeks.

If you are stuck on a particular issue, Eric Tatum is adept at moving the process forward. Common sticking points and red flags are:
• Terms of visitation dictated by one spouse, as opposed to what's in the best interests of the child.
• A specific amount of child support the other party "needs," rather than complying with state guidelines.
• Property division — Georgia law does not require a 50-50 split. Attorney Tatum can advise on separate property, unequal earning capacity, child-rearing contributions and other factors that a judge would consider.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the divorce is uncontested, Attorney Tatum can only represent one spouse; however, it should not be necessary for both of you to retain attorneys. Mr. Tatum is only putting your mutual wishes into legal terms and he knows that the court will scrutinize the document for fairness.

To schedule a free initial consultation with Eric Tatum, call 770-881-5349 or contact our firm online today.

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