At The Law Offices of Eric J. Tatum, LLC, we are determined to protect your parental rights. Our Buford family law firm assists fathers and mothers in all legitimation and paternity actions.

Helping You Skillfully Protect Your Parental Rights

In Georgia, a man's name may be on the birth certificate, but he has no rights to the baby unless he was married to the mother. This often brings up many issues that must be addressed when children are born out of wedlock.

Whether you are a father who is seeking to establish your parental rights or you are a mother who is seeking to establish the paternity of your child to obtain child support, our founder and managing lawyer Eric J. Tatum can help you.

  • Legitimation | In order for the court to recognize you as a father, the paternity of your child must be established — this process is called legitimation. Legitimation can help fathers establish relationships with their children by allowing them to seek custody and establish visitation schedules, receive child support and have a voice in potential adoption matters involving their children. Our firm assists fathers as well as mothers in legitimation matters.
  • Paternity | In a paternity action, mothers are usually seeking to establish paternity of their children to obtain child support, or enforce a support order when a father has fallen behind or refused to pay support. We represent mothers in all paternity actions, as well as fathers facing allegations about paternity and support.

Our Buford paternity attorney recognizes how stressful legitimation and paternity matters are for our clients. Our top priority is to help you protect your parental rights. We will work with you to learn about your circumstances and explain to you how Georgia laws will affect your case.

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