Guardianship is sometimes confused with conservatorship. A guardian is a nonparent appointed by the court to have general responsibility for a child (a ward) or a physically or mentally incapacitated adult. A conservator is also appointed by the court, but for a more limited role — responsibility for the property of the child or incapacitated adult.

Obtaining these appointments is a straightforward process, which the courts favor, especially in cases where the child's parents are going through some major struggle (finances, mental health, addiction, criminal conviction, questions of the child's safety, etc.).

Experienced Family Law Attorney For Buford and North Central Georgia

To create a guardianship, you will want to work with a lawyer committed to building strong families in our community. Eric J. Tatum is skilled in presenting the kind of evidence judges need to approve guardianships. He knows that the court needs to be persuaded that:

  • A bond of love, affection and emotional ties exist between the child and guardian parties.
  • The parties are in a position to provide a healthy, safe home.
  • They can in addition provide the child with food, clothing and medical care.
  • The parties are sound in mental and physical health.
  • The current home may be an unsafe place for the child.

Guardianship is not the only solution when minors and incapacitated adults need oversight. Parties can be granted temporary legal custody and long-term legal custody. Eric J. Tatum can describe these options for you. He is also available when the request for guardianship is disputed. We approach litigation in the same spirit we approach establishment of guardianship, with the best interest of the child always at the forefront.

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