Family Violence

Family violence describes any incident in which one member of a household, current or in the past, acts aggressively against any other member. The perpetrator can be a spouse, parent, stepparent, foster parent, roommate, child — anyone who lives, or lived, in the same household.

Our first concern in family violence cases is to ensure that you are safe from further aggression.

Too often, abuse victims are unsure what the state can do to protect them. The state can do a lot. It is not difficult to file a verified family violence petition describing an act of family violence that occurred in the past and that may be expected to occur again unless action is taken. This petition will result in granting you a temporary restraining order, with the power to:

  • Restrain the abusive party from committing additional acts of violence or harassment
  • Grant the petitioner exclusive use and control of the family home
  • Require the offending party to provide alternate housing to the petitioner and children
  • Award temporary custody of children to the petitioner
  • Award temporary financial support to the petitioner

In this dangerous moment, the petitioner is given significant leeway, to ensure safety. Once you are out of immediate danger, we can help you to obtain protection on a permanent basis.

Providing Representation For The Accused

You probably know that family violence cases are usually quite complex. For this reason, we make our firm available to either side, providing defense for the accused so that both points of view may be presented. Our Buford defense lawyer also represents the accused in criminal matters.

The first order of importance in domestic violence cases is restoring a sense of safety. Our job at The Law Offices of Eric J. Tatum, LLC, is helping families in Buford and other North Central Georgia towns and cities with thorough, cost-effective and strategic solutions to their legal problems.

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