Family And Child Services Cases (DFCS)

The Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) focuses on strengthening families through welfare and employment support, child protection, foster care and other services. The DFCS performs a variety of services to help troubled families that include:

  • Investigation of child abuse
  • Location of foster homes for abused and neglected children
  • Assistance for low income, out-of-work parents, including child care costs and other support services and programs

The Need For A Dedicated And Diligent DFCS Defense Lawyer

Proceedings initiated by DFCS involve a complicated, lengthy and expensive process. You need legal representation. At The Law Offices of Eric J. Tatum, LLC, we take investigations conducted by DFCS seriously. We encourage our clients to do the same.

Buford attorney  Eric J. Tatum understands the stakes and attends to every detail in gathering evidence and securing testimony from a network of counselors and experts. He spends time with clients to identify the specific issues and tailors strategies to find resolution.

Looking Out For The Best Interests Of Parents And Children

Every attempt is made to negotiate a satisfactory outcome that is in the best interests of all parties. Many cases require exploration programs for substance abuse, anger management or parenting classes. However, we will take cases to court to protect the rights of children and parents.

Buford family law attorney Eric J. Tatum also represents parents in dependency hearings where children are in danger and removed from the home. When possible, we fight to reunite sons and daughters with parents or intervene when necessary to ensure a child's safety. He will fight for your rights at a Preliminary Protection Hearing and every step of the reunification process.

Take Immediate Action To Protect Children And Parental Rights

At The Law Offices of Eric J. Tatum, LLC, we help families throughout North Central Georgia find cost-effective and strategic solutions to their legal problems. Call attorney Eric J. Tatum at 770-648-2789, or toll free at 800-494-1577.

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