Child Relocation

Child relocation or removal can create a real crisis for divorced parents. Does a custodial parent have the right to take a child out of the area, out of the state even? Many custodial parents make that assumption, only to be called into court. Even when your employer instructs you to move, you must still file your plan to relocate with the court.

The law requires relocating parents to give a 30-day written notice of the intent to move. The other parent may approve or deny this request. Before the child may be relocated out of state, a petition for modification may be filed by either parent.

Moving With Your Children

At the Buford  Law Offices of Eric J. Tatum, LLC, we represent both custodial and noncustodial parents in relocation cases. We file motions of intent to relocate, and when appropriate, seek formal modification of existing court orders. Our lawyer also helps families to enforce court orders issued in a variety of areas.

The court wants to see that the best interests of the child have been considered in making a relocation decision. Factors include:

  • The child's age
  • The child's ties to schools and to the environment
  • The nature of the child's support system
  • How the visitation agreement will be affected by the move
  • The nature of the child's connection to the noncustodial parent

Our experience allows us to handle simple custody and visitation problems in which a child may be relocated to another county, as well as complex jurisdictional matters such as relocation to another state or another country.

Our goal at The Law Offices of Eric J. Tatum, LLC, is to help clients in Buford and North Central Georgia with thorough, cost-effective and strategic solutions to legal problems. Call attorney Eric J. Tatum at 770-648-2789, or toll free at 800-494-1577.

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