License Suspension/Reinstatement After A DUI

The stakes are high when you are accused of a DUI. In addition to the criminal charges against you, a DUI arrest triggers an administrative process to suspend your driving privileges.

Most people depend on having access to a car to get to work and tackle the tasks of everyday life. Having your license suspended because of a drunk driving charge can put your ability to support yourself and your family at risk.

At The Law Offices of Eric J. Tatum, LLC, we understand that your ability to drive is crucial. When you retain our firm, our criminal defense attorney works hard to protect your driving privileges while providing you with an aggressive DUI defense.

Understanding The Suspension Process

Being accused of DUI is taken very seriously in Georgia. If you refuse a chemical test or a test shows that your blood alcohol content was over the legal limit, your license will be taken away and you will be issued a temporary permit. You only have a limited time in which to request an appeal, so contacting a qualified attorney as soon as possible after your arrest is vital.

If the paperwork is timely submitted and the applicable fees are paid, you will be granted an administrative hearing. Failure to request a hearing or to get your paperwork or fees on time will result in an automatic license suspension.

Minimizing Any Impact To Your Life

The administrative hearing is your first opportunity to refute evidence against you and to see what information the police may use in your criminal trial. We will challenge the information submitted by the arresting officer and work diligently to preserve your ability to get to and from work. We also work closely with our clients whose licenses have been suspended to get their driving privileges reinstated as quickly as possible.

The Clock Is Ticking

Your driving privileges are in jeopardy as soon as you are arrested. Avoid license suspension and the need for license restoration. To protect your right to drive, it is important to contact our Buford office as soon as possible. You can schedule a free initial consultation by calling us at 770-648-2789 or by sending us an email. Lawyer Eric J. Tatum serves Buford, Lawrenceville and all of northern Georgia.

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