Juvenile Criminal Defense

Defense of young people is an important part of our practice at the Buford  Law Offices of Eric J. Tatum, LLC. Young people don't usually know how the world works, or how hard it comes down on offenders. Our job is often to protect them against their own bad decisions.

If you love your child, you do not want him or her to be confined in a Georgia Youth Detention Center or Regional Youth Detention Center. Skillful representation is essential to protecting your son or daughter from the harsh excesses of the juvenile justice system. When conviction is inevitable, we strive for nontraumatic outcomes like community service, probation and providing restitution to the victim. Very often, attorney Eric J. Tatum obtains an informal adjustment to the charges — outright dismissal of charges.

The Problem Of Juvenile Delinquency

Most juvenile crimes in Georgia are property crimes like theft, carjacking, vandalism and arson. We also represent young people against charges involving drugs or alcohol, weapons offenses and acts of violence, including assault and battery, sexual offenses involving other young persons, and family violence.

Because we do family law along with criminal defense, we are in a unique position to put delinquency charges in the broadest light — as a family problem requiring a delicate approach. A dedicated juvenile offenses lawyer brings compassion and a determination to be helpful to every case. I have that attitude, and it has been rewarding to me to help young people get squared away.

Our job at The Law Offices of Eric J. Tatum, LLC, is helping clients in and around Gwinnett County with thorough, cost-effective and strategic solutions to their legal problems. We are pleased to serve Buford and Gwinnett, Forsyth and Hall counties.

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