Criminal Defense

Our law office defends individuals charged with crimes at the state level. We believe that everyone is entitled to the best legal counsel available. We, at The Law Offices of Eric J. Tatum, LLC, work hard to be that kind of criminal defense lawyer. Your freedom, your constitutional rights and your reputation are at stake in these cases. Our goal is to get you through with a minimum of disruption and pain.

Criminal Defense For Buford And North Central Georgia

Attorney Eric J. Tatum handles these and other criminal cases:

  • Assault and battery. There is usually more to the story than is contained in the police report. We use "the whole story" to improve your outcome.
  • Drug crimes, including possession, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and sale
  • Drug possession. Possession of even small amounts of controlled substances can threaten your freedom and your future.
  • Common violent crimes, including family violence, vehicular manslaughter, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest
  • Marijuana defense, for both misdemeanor and felony charges
  • Juvenile crimes, including drug and alcohol offenses, traffic violations, petty theft and fighting
  • Probation violations. Violation can lead to revocation of probation and a return to jail.
  • Shoplifting, theft and burglary. We defend clients young and old who are charged with property crimes.
  • Domestic violence, protecting clients against abuse by fraudulent or exaggerated assault reports
  • Under 21 traffic violations. We defend against charges of fleeing the scene of an accident, under 21 drinking, racing and other offenses.
  • Underage DUI defense/minor in possession (MIP). We work to keep errors in judgment from wrecking young people's futures.
  • DUI defense. We defend you at both the criminal and administrative levels.
  • Other traffic violations, including speeding tickets, license suspension and revocation,
    driving without insurance or license, and reckless driving

Eric J. Tatum is committed to helping individuals in Gwinnett, Hall and Forsyth counties to minimize harsh consequences for common errors. He is skilled in the full range of criminal defenses and knowledgeable about alternative punishments in the state of Georgia. When you are in trouble, these are the numbers to call: 770-648-2789, toll free 800-494-1577.

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