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Family Law Archives

New legislation to address Georgia's adoption system

For those looking to adopt, it may be good news that the state representative is beginning to look into changing Georgia's adoption practices. Adoptions can take many months or years, and there are some practices that are out of date. By updating them, it makes the process move more quickly, helping children and families come together faster.

Alimony in Georgia: Both temporary and permanent rules apply

Georgia, like other states, has alimony laws that can help those who need additional support financially following a divorce. Although most states do have alimony laws, no two states have laws that are exactly the same. In Georgia, both permanent and temporary alimony are recognized, which could be different from other states.

Why should parents use mediation for child custody concerns?

Your child is the most important person in the world to you, and it's likely your spouse feels the same. This is why so many people struggle during divorce; how can you split time with your child with a person you're no longer in love with and may not even like?

New amendment could change how you adopt privately in Georgia

Adoption gives you the chance to add a new child to your family. It's an experience many people wait years for, and they take considerable time and effort in pursuing the adoption. In the majority of cases, your religion, age and other factors don't play much of a role in the adoption as long as you meet the state or private agency's criteria.

New law in Georgia could lead to discrimination during adoptions

Adoption opens the door to people who want to have children and can't or who want to expand their families for other reasons. Adoption is a joy to these individuals; they get to have a family that grows and raise a child of their own. Additionally, children who had been displaced are able to grow up with a family who loves them. A new bill in Georgia has some on edge, though, because of the risk of discrimination.

Can you avoid paying monthly alimony payments?

One thing that people going through a divorce may be concerned about is the impact of long-term alimony payments on their finances. If your husband or wife did not work for a significant amount of time and you were the sole breadwinner, it's not unreasonable for your spouse to ask for alimony. Should it be permanent, though? How much is enough? These are common questions that you deserve answers to.

What are the benefits of adoption?

Adoption is an exciting way to add a new family member to your life while giving a child a chance at living with a loving family. U.S. adoption rates are lower than they were in the 70's, even though it's an accessible way to bring a child into your home.

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